Sep 29, 2008

Science knowledge transfer with is a virtual conference room, lecture hall, laboratory, library, and meeting venue all in one. will enable scientists, lecturers, academics, students and practitioners from all fields to present and share ideas and findings through video streaming, audio streaming and text documents. Users can make use of classical community functions like chat, email, blog etc., and can install virtual rooms, assess contributions, make interesting contacts and more. offers the following primary features:
- Publishing and managing of video and audio clips (e.g. lectures, interviews, documentaries)
- Publishing and managing of text documents (e.g. scientific papers, lecture notes, study documents)
- Commenting, assessing of contributions and embedding of all media
- Creation of playlists and lists of favorites
- Community and networking functions: creating of personal or institutional profiles (e.g. for individuals, universities, institutes, publishers), messaging, contacting, commenting
- Creating of groups (e.g. for virtual classroom, venue, special topics)