Apr 15, 2010

Even journals can be "green"!

There are some "green" journals out there, and we're not talking about the color of the cover! Check out this list of journals - some are open access, while access to others is subscription-based (limited to Glenn Research Center employees only, Glenn subscriptions are indicated by volumes available in full-text):

Sustainability - an open access journal
Sustainability is an international and cross-disciplinary, scholarly, open-access journal of environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability of human beings, which provides an advanced forum for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development. It is published by Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) online monthly. Subject areas include climate change, misuse of land, patterns of production, national/international policy, sustainable chemistry, and more. The site also includes book reviews and available email alerts.

Ecology and Society - an open access journal
Ecology and Society is an electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to research findings on the management, stewardship and sustainable use of ecological systems, resources and biological diversity at all levels; the role natural systems play in social and political systems and conversely, the effect of social, economic and political institutions on ecological systems and services; and the means by which we can develop and sustain desired ecological, social and political states.

Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy – an open access journal
Published by the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) and ProQuest/CSA, Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy (SSPP) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that discussed both the science and policy of sustainability, with the intent of facilitating communication among scientists, practitioners, and policy makers who are investigating and shaping nature-society interactions and working towards sustainable solutions.

Green Chemistry
Green Chemistry, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RCS), covers topics in green chemistry and sustainability, including the application of innovative technology to establish industrial procedures; the design of new, greener and safer chemicals and materials; the use of sustainable resources; the use of biotechnology alternatives to chemistry-based solutions; methodologies and tools for measuring environmental impact; and the chemical aspects of renewable energy.

Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications (1997, v.5-current)

Progress in Photovoltaics offers a forum for reporting advances in this rapidly developing technology, right through from research to practical application, and aims to reach all interested professionals and researchers in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, renewable energy, and microelectronic engineering, as well as energy policy-makers. Glenn employees have full text access to the above volume range via TorpedoUltra.

Journal of Physical Chemistry A (1997, v.101-current)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (Dynamics, Kinetics, Environmental Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Structure, Theory) publishes studies on dynamics, clusters, and excited states; kinetics, and spectroscopy; atmospheric, environmental, and green chemistry; and molecular structure, quantum chemistry, and general theory.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2007, v.111-current)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (Nanomaterials, Interfaces, and Hard Matter) publishes original experimental and basic research targeted to scientists in physical chemistry of nanoparticles, and nanostructures, surfaces, interfaces, and catalysis, electron transport, optical and electronic devices, and hard matter; and energy conversion and storage. Green and sustainable chemistry are also covered.

Environmental Science & Technology (1967, v.1-current)
Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) is an authoritative source of information for professionals in a wide range of environmental disciplines. The journal combines magazine and research sections and is published both in print and online. The news and features section of ES&T presents objective reports and analyses of the major advances, trends, and challenges in environmental science, technology, and policy for a diverse professional audience. The research section focuses on new data that is particularly significant and/or original.

Journal of Power Sources (1976, v.1-current)
The Journal of Power Sources provides an interdisciplinary forum on all aspects of the science, technology and commercialization of primary/secondary batteries and fuel cells, supercapacitors, photo-electrochemical cells, including their applications in electric vehicles; portable electronics; hybrid electric vehicles; stationary power systems; remote wind- and/or solar-based power systems; and satellites and deep space probes.
Glenn employees have full text access to the above volume range via TorpedoUltra.

Chemical Engineering & Technology (1987, v.10-current)
Chemical Engineering & Technology is now in its 31th year of publication. Recent issues have covered topics such as high pressure technology, micro system technology, modelling, parameter estimation, corrosion, and emission and pollution control.
Glenn employees have full text access to the above volume range via TorpedoUltra.

Glenn employees can see these and other journals available to GRC on-site contractors and civil servants at the Library's website; for additional assistance, please contact the Library at 3-5761 or 3-5762.