Feb 5, 2010

Looking for energy info? Try the International Energy Agency

Looking for information on sustainable development? Greenhouse Gases? Energy Policy? Find publications, speeches, workshops, related websites, and more on these and other energy topics at the International Energy Agency (IEA) website.

The IEA "is an intergovernmental organisation which acts as energy policy advisor to 28 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for their citizens." This also includes a focus on energy security, economic development and environmental protection.

At the IEA site, you can find energy information by country or by topic. Each topic will include publications and papers, related programs, additional information (including related websites and information on free subscriptions), workshops, related committees, and contact information.

Also be sure to check out the "Technology Roadmaps", found within the "By Topic" menu. These open access PDFs are a series of global low-carbon energy technology roadmaps covering the most important and innovative low-carbon technologies.