Dec 18, 2009

U.S. Army Heritage Collection Online

Looking for some info on a period in U.S. Army history? Interested in photographs of the Civil War? Whether you're a casual history buff, or a researcher looking for technical documents or Army field manuals, the U.S. Army Heritage Collection Online might be just the place to look.

For a comprehensive search or browse of the various resources and media formats available at the site, use the 'Research Catalog' or the 'Resource Guides/Finding Aids' links near the top of the page.

However, say you're specifically interested in a visual piece of U.S. Army history. You can search or browse through photos or images of historical pieces in the Army Heritage Museum by using the 'Photos' or 'Artifacts' tabs. If you're more interested in technical documents, field manuals, or manuscripts and oral histories, check out the 'Manuscripts/Archives' or 'Military Publications' collections.

Learn more about Army and U.S. history through the U.S. Army Heritage Collection Online.