Dec 4, 2009

Glenn's Ares 'tuna cans' and Ares I-X 30 day report make local Cleveland news

Further details concerning the success of NASA's Ares I-X test flight made Cleveland news on December 4. The Metro section of Friday's Plain Dealer discusses a 30 day post flight report highlighting the results of a review of some of the Ares flight data. The upper stage simulator, or 'tuna cans', built by NASA Glenn held together throughout the test flight despite being under tremendous aerodynamic strain, and the separation from the booster stage didn't bring the two sections of the rocket as close together as originally thought. Additional flight data remains to be reviewed.

The Ares I-X test flight was a successful one for NASA and is a definite point of pride for the NASA Glenn Research Center. Read more at the Plain Dealer online; Glenn employees can read the print version of Friday's Plain Dealer at the Library. Read more about Ares and the Constellation program at