Oct 15, 2009

SciTopics - Research info from the experts

SciTopics is a free expert-generated knowledge-sharing service for the scientific community. Topics covered include chemical engineering, energy, materials science, physics, and more. Invited authors can publish a concise overview of their particular area of research or invite co-authors to jointly create and update the content of the SciTopics page.Researchers can search or browse SciTopics to stay up-to-date in their field and/or get a quick overview of a topic outside their area of expertise without having to search multiple websites.

Researchers can also see further suggested reading/references, related keywords and topics, and leave feedback or questions for the article author(s).

SciTopics is an Elsevier product; it also incorporates Scirus (a free science-specific search engine) and limited previews of Scopus (a subscription-based database), both Elsevier products. Registration at SciTopics is free; check it out today!