Apr 17, 2009

Introducting the NASA Digital Library

Visit the NASA Digital Library (NDL) to search and access electronic resources available at Glenn and across the Agency. The NDL website has several unique search features, such as the ability to perform a custom Google search of Glenn and Agency resources, including AIAA, NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), American Chemical Society (ACS) publications, and more – all with one convenient search! You can also search e-journal subscriptions, e-books, articles, technical reports, images, and the Center catalogs at the NDL website.

See something at the NDL website that the Glenn Library doesn’t have on-hand? Full-text access to materials not part of a Glenn subscription may be limited, but through both the NDL and Glenn Science & Engineering Library (GSEL) websites GSEL patrons continue to have the ability to request materials (books, documents, etc.) or to obtain in-depth research assistance directly from the Glenn library. GSEL works with Agency and other libraries to obtain the materials and information that support the Glenn community's scientific and technical research needs.

About NDL
In 2007, an Agency-wide team led by NASA Langley conducted the NASA Library Transformation study. Its purpose was to expand the desktop access to digital content in support of technical excellence and ensure the efficient delivery of the core technical information and services to the technical community across the Agency. The study was sponsored by Tom Luedtke, Associate Administrator for Institutions and Management; Championed by Mike Ryschkewitsch, NASA Chief Engineer; Jonathan Pettus, NASA Chief Information Officer; Lesa Roe, NASA Langley Center Director; and Cathy Mangum, NASA Langley Chief Information Officer.

The NASA Library Transformation study recommendations were accepted by sponsors and champions, and suggestions were made by a user focus group so that NASA Libraries might better understand the information needs of the NASA technical community. Focus group input was used to formulate the recommendations and request a strategic infrastructure investment for NASA Digital Library. As a result of submitting this proposal in 2008, NASA Langley received $500,000 in funding from NASA Headquarters to start the development of the NASA Digital Library (NDL).

The Agency-wide NDL project team worked together to leverage the $500K and existing funding from the Centers in order to provide integrated and expanded access to electronic resources and services.