Apr 21, 2008

NASA Glenn researcher featured with second Applied Optics cover issue

The work of NASA Glenn researcher Dr. Rick Rogers, and co-author K. Peter D. Lagerlöf (CRWU), was recently featured by Applied Optics with a cover issue highlighting their work. The cover of Applied Optics, Vol. 47, Issue 11 (April 10, 2008) features several optical micrographs from their work, detailed in an article titled "Crystallography of ordered colloids using optical microscopy. 2: Divergent-beam technique". This is the second cover issue of Applied Optics for these two authors this year; their first cover issue, published January 10, 2008 in Volume 47 Issue 2, featured the companion article "Crystallography of ordered colloids using optical microscopy. 1: Parallel-beam technique". Both issues will be available in print at the Glenn Technical Library, and additional information can also be found at the above links. Congratulations to Dr. Rogers and Mr. Lagerlöf on the recognition of their work with two Applied Optics cover issues this year!