Sep 18, 2007

Podcasts from the National Academies

The National Academies provides podcasts on subjects in all areas of science, engineering, medicine, and technology.

Listen to the latest news conferences and public briefings on National Academies reports via News from the National Academies.

The Sounds of Science Podcasts is an informative and entertaining weekly series of audio podcasts puts a spotlight on the high-impact work of the National Academies. Focusing on a wide range of critical issues in science, engineering, and medicine, these short 10-minute episodes are a quick and easy way to tune in to all the key findings and important recommendations made by the Academies.

The weekly Engineering Innovation podcast from the National Academy of Engineering highlights exciting developments in engineering and provides technical context to stories in the news. The 40-second episodes demonstrate how engineers are making an impact -- in energy, health, the environment, sports, and more!